A Most Undesirable Companion

Mayakovsky’s THE BEDBUG — A Most Undesirable Companion Review by Robert Gulack, April 6, 2018 Vladimir Mayakovsky’s 1929 surreal satire play, THE BEDBUG, has been treasured by many Russians (including Marc Chagall), but it is hard to make a case for the script from the Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble’s current revival at 549 West 52nd Street.  […]

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Intelligent “Divine”

“The Divine Assignment” Murder Mystery Series Part 1,2,3 written & directed by veteran English & Theater professor Kenthedo Robinson performed in the John Cullen theater at the American Theater of Actors. Review by Michael D’Antoni This warm, charming and most graciously humble man has a rich and deep scholastic background in theater, education and communications (he […]

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True Blue Noir

Improvisation Repertory Theater Ensemble presents IRTE NOIR Review by Michael D’Antoni “IRTE” or the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble invites one to a night of crime, passion, intrigue, betrayal, drama, deception as well as, even more passion, twists, turns, moodiness & diverse dialogue. “NOIR” is a American film genre originating in the 1940’s either of criminal […]

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Turning Purple with laughter

RANDY WRITES A NOVEL Review by Michael D’Antoni Historically western civilizations have associated the color of purple with nobility and the aristocracy. It is also known for its aura and richness as it contributes to creative and magical powers. “Randy Writes a Novel” is all these things and more! First rate creativity; magically adventurous & pure […]

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Review by Michael D’Antoni Anyone worldwide with a Facebook account can search other member pages in a pleasingly effort to view posted photos as well as read personal accounts and histories in order to get to know more about an individual and his or her overall life experiences. So, as I did with Stephen Schulman’s […]

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Get Over It

HELP ME GET OVER YOU by Rollin Jewett DOWNTOWN URBAN ARTS FESTIVAL Reviewed by Erin Rhodes-Carlon The festival or workshop is a place for plays to grow, yes, but it can also be a place for ideas to begin the gestation process. Rollin Jewett‎’s “Help Me Get Over You” at the Downtown Urban Arts Festival […]

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