Converse All-Star

The American Theatre of Actors concentrates on dark New York back stories for its summer cutting-edge series. THE SANDMAN, written by Lynn Navarra and directed by Ken Coughlin, tells the story of two beat cops, moonlighting in construction, caught up in a battle between a pub owner and the Irish mob… NYC circa 1979 … will […]

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Miss Anne’s Plan was a good one.

Wrda Hussain reviews Sondra Lees’ production of Miss Anne’s Plan This piece followed a series of stories erupting from Anne’s life dealing with kids. Throughout the play we are told various stories that present to us the relationships between a  caretaker and a child. The experiences she’s dealt with really depict the nature of children. […]

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Ashley Khan attended IRTE’s birthday for Jamie in Happy Birthday Stupid Kid IRTE’s latest entry at MITF was a magnificent comedy show. It was Jamie’s birthday and he was turning 12. Of course at a birthday party you have different types of games. So in Jamie’s birthday party, he had a puppet show, a singer, […]


Forehead unstable

Wrda Hussain reviews Natasha Cobbs production of It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead The play’s foundation is a therapy session where a conversation between a therapist, Sasha (Adetnuke Adetunji)  and her patient, Ann (Natasha Cobb) dealing with bipolar disorder. The play captures a broad generalization of a person dealing with bipolar disorder and the experiences […]

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“Stepin” worth repeating

Wrda Hussain reviews Me and Stepin This play follows the story of Richie McCall and his drive to become an actor. In this solo comedy, directed by Dathan Williams, we are told various stories and experiences faced by the actor each dealing with the  famous black actor named Stephen Fechter, an American comedian and film […]

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