Voicing his Concerns

OUTERSTAGE theatre critic, ANTHONY J. PICCIONE writes … and speaks … about Off and Off-Off Broadway Earlier this month, it was announced that Indie Art Today, a new podcast dedicated to covering independent, non-commercial artists – including those in the Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway communities – was launching in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. […]

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A Tasty Dish

Review: “Cooking with Kathryn” at the Kraine Theater By Anthony J. Piccione As a writer who has their own history with the Kraine Theater, I was well aware of the other ongoing events there, including the recent 2020 FRIGID Festival. While 2020 has been shaping up to be a busy and crazy year, I nonetheless […]

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Thanks, IRTE, for making us Laugh

Review: “Diner on the Edge” at the Producer’s Club by Anthony J. Piccione It’s that time of year again! Even during a time of ongoing crisis, the legendary Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble was as determined as ever, when I saw them this past weekend, to continue with their first show of the season. As I […]

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Brilliant take on a Terrible Occurrence

Review by Robert Liebowitz For this humble scribe, school shootings were never a hearken back to the old days–they were inconceivable. They simply didn’t happen. Now, however, one fifth into the new century, even as mankind has progressed in so many tangible ways, murderous rampages committed by homicidal maniacs against the most defenseless, helpless, and […]

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Everybody acted SICK really well!

Review by Robert Liebowitz All the ingredients were in place for a riveting night at the theater: a beautiful, modern theater and playing area (the illustrious Hudson Guild); a practical and imaginative set design (by Leila Saad); quirky, melodious and unknown music that underscored the evening; a capable collection of earnest, determined and dedicated actors […]

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Quality Darkness

Review: “Nellie and the Women of Blackwell” at Wildrence By lead reviewer Anthony J. Piccione For all the problems in 2020 with our mental health system, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how much worse people with mental illnesses were treated way back in the 19th century. Yet there’s a new immersive theatre production in […]

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Brilliance Out of the “Box”

Review: “The Shadow Box” at the Gene Frankel Theatre By lead-reviewer Anthony J. Piccione In 1977, playwright Michael Cristofer wrote a play about a topic that is as grim as it gets, but is inevitably something that all of us will one day have personal experience with. From the Pulitzer Prize for Drama to the […]

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But they’re COMEDIES

Jay Michaels contributed a conversation with Gabrielle Fox and Erik Champney Gabrielle Fox, an award-winning playwright, has works presented at some highly notable establishments: Playwrights for a Cause, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, and La MaMa, to name a few. A fellow academic, she is a distinguished professor of playwrighting in Westchester, she has also taken […]

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Dying Well

Regeneration Theatre’s revival of The Shadow Box Review by Robert Liebowitz “The Shadow Box” by Michael Cristofer won both the Tony and the Pulitzer Prize for Best Play in 1977, and with good reason–it is an excellent play that has withstood the test of time. At times morose, whimsical, drop-dead funny, but most of all […]

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