Honoring a Hero: Pvt. Wayne Miner

Playwright, Producer, Director, and Scholar, Kenthedo Robinson, presents another riveting work filled with history and inspiration: The Buffalo Hero of World War I: Based on a True Story.  Ignoring his fears and looking death in the face, armed with the light of his mother’s spirit, Wayne Miner entered history at a time when he was not considered […]

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Great Works on Wednesday

Indie Theater is like prospecting. There’s GOLD when you least expect it. Wednesday Repertory Company (WedRepCo) is a New York-based theatre company focused on delivering innovative and impactful performances to their audience. As part of their approach to live theatre, WedRepCo produces several showcases throughout the year. These showcases provide performance opportunities on a regular […]

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Arthur Miller is making a comeback … like he was ever gone?? ALL MY SONS returns to Broadway along with two other strong revivals presented in independent theater: Hunger Theatre – known for its excellent acting – brings THE CRUCIBLE – the definitive allegory of witch-hunts and blacklists in a time when -well- we are […]


We’ll always have MARIO

Granny’s back in I’m SOOO High: Rev. Mary’s Reefer Revue, April 6 @ 9:30 at Pangea, 172 Second Avenue, NYC. Join us for some more wild and woolly word-play from back-in-the-day. This time, it’s not sexy banter but smoky phrasing!   With nicknames like Blue sage, Catnip, Dope, Grass, Jive, Jay, Gauge, Tea, Vibe, Mary-Jane, and Jazz Cabbage – not to mention the standard reefer, pot, […]

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War of Words Part II

Art is more than imitating life – as the expression goes – it facilities; it communicates, it combats it. Articulate Theatre Company explores the role of the artist’s role in activism with the Art of Protest. ArtsIndependent joins all the sites of Five Star Arts Journals in sharing the thoughts of the soldiers of Articulate […]

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Best. Party. Ever

IRTE’s Season Opener: Tammy’s Bachelorette Party Review by Rebecca Benedict If you have ever dreamed of walking into a party and you are treated like “Everybody Knows Your Name, and they’re always glad you came” this is the show for you (yes that was a shameless “Cheers” reference). The show/ improv party is set at […]

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