Road Trip!

Review: “The Straights” at JACK Review By Anthony J. Piccione OuterStage’s Main Correspondent   The past couple of years have seen a proliferation of new plays being written and produced attempting to capture the essence of what it means to be a Millennial adult in America. Of course, a big part of this is because so […]

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Pavacic & Gallimore: Students Uprising

Common Ground, the new musical by Granville Wyche Burgess and Stan Wietrzychowsk, tells the yet-untold story of what really necessitated the Emancipation Proclamation. This special book-in-hand presentation, will be Monday, December 9 at 7:00 p.m. at The Actors Temple, 339 West 47th Street, NYC. Common Ground begins with a veiledly racist President Lincoln, carrying a country-at-war on […]

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Is there a Doctor in the House?

Review: “Doctor Frankenstein” at West End Theatre By Anthony J. Piccione, lead reviewer, OuterStage It’s widely known that the story told in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which has stood the test of time like few other stories has, is nothing more than a horror fantasy that is merely the stuff of nightmare. However, what if it […]

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This Soldier Makes A Great Play

REVIEW of The Buffalo Hero of World War I–The Wayne Miner Story, at the American Theater of Actors by ROBERT LIEBOWITZ There is much to applaud, and just as much to pull one’s hair out in frustration, in a decidedly mixed production by The Crystal Image Performing Arts Company of Kenthedo Robinson’s sparkling new play […]

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A Playful AND Powerful Substance

Shelter in Place Reviewed by Robert Liebowitz The long and short of it; certainly the short of it–the ‘Playful Substance’ effort for “Shelter in Place” by Raphael Perahia is an excellent production of a very good play. It is running through the following weekend, and so if you have the opportunity to see it, you […]

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The Amazing Artist-Man Who Created The Amazing Spider-man

Review: “Ditko” at Theaterlab by OuterStage lead writer, Anthony J. Piccione   Over the past few weeks, various writers in the media have compared comic book characters to those of William Shakespeare, the implication being that various interpretations of the character of the Joker (such as that in the upcoming film) are like various interpretations throughout […]

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A Play About History is Making History

The Buffalo Hero of World War I: The Wayne Miner Story, which told of an African-America soldier who made history is making history itself! Playwright, Producer, Director, and Scholar, Kenthedo Robinson’s, riveting work filled with history and inspiration returns to New York before joining an historic celebration in Kansas City. The Buffalo Hero of World […]

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‘The Future is Female”

“If Women Rose Rooted” reviewed by Robert Liebowitz ‘The Future is Female” the tee-shirt proudly proclaims, and there can be little doubt that much of that statement is either true, or about to be. Overdue or not, women’s stories are being told, and told with a fury; the latest entry being “If Women Rose Rooted‘, written collectively […]

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