Brilliance Out of the “Box”

Review: “The Shadow Box” at the Gene Frankel Theatre By lead-reviewer Anthony J. Piccione In 1977, playwright Michael Cristofer wrote a play about a topic that is as grim as it gets, but is inevitably something that all of us will one day have personal experience with. From the Pulitzer Prize for Drama to the […]

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But they’re COMEDIES

Jay Michaels contributed a conversation with Gabrielle Fox and Erik Champney Gabrielle Fox, an award-winning playwright, has works presented at some highly notable establishments: Playwrights for a Cause, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, and La MaMa, to name a few. A fellow academic, she is a distinguished professor of playwrighting in Westchester, she has also taken […]

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Dying Well

Regeneration Theatre’s revival of The Shadow Box Review by Robert Liebowitz “The Shadow Box” by Michael Cristofer won both the Tony and the Pulitzer Prize for Best Play in 1977, and with good reason–it is an excellent play that has withstood the test of time. At times morose, whimsical, drop-dead funny, but most of all […]

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Drugs and Hugs

THE TANK and YELLOW BICYCLE COLLECTIVE present a play by Joshua Crone. This one sentence carries a lot of weight. Joshua Crone doesn’t just write plays. he write about dents in history that need to be seen from all angles. His play Squatters views the aftermath of 911 through a couple in an abandoned building […]

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Pest Control

Review: “RATs:SubwaySongsandStories” at Theaterlab By Anthony J. Piccione, lead-columnist for OuterStage Late last year, I had heard a story about a new musical being developed that, according to someone I talked to familiar with the script, believed that it had needed more rewrites before it was ready for production. Yet by the time I heard […]

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FERMIN and the American Dream

As a child, FERMIN SERRANO QUINTERO was taught that New York City was “the center of the universe” — a place where you can find people from all walks of life and from every part of the world. NYC was also the epicenter for immigrants: “My inspiration behind coming to New York lies in the fact […]

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I Talk To The Trees

Review: “Fluffy the Pine” at the Producers Club By Lead-Reviewer, Anthony J. Piccione This holiday season, now is as good a time as ever to look for shows that you can take the whole family to enjoy, as a special treat for this time of year. Unfortunately, the indie theatre landscape is not always filled […]

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Road Trip!

Review: “The Straights” at JACK Review By Anthony J. Piccione OuterStage’s Main Correspondent   The past couple of years have seen a proliferation of new plays being written and produced attempting to capture the essence of what it means to be a Millennial adult in America. Of course, a big part of this is because so […]

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