Ms. Levy’s Opus

Ashley Khan reviews This Gonna Be A Test, Miss? at the Midtown International Theatre Festival This gonna be on the test miss is drama peppered with humor. Like a rough language Mr. Holland’s Opus. A confused-about-life young woman tries to find guidance as a teacher at a community college and an aspiring actress. Guess which […]

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Phabulous Phillie

Dennis Corsi’s well-staged production of The Phillie Trilogy tells a story about a queer youth named Phillie McDougal (Bonale Fambrini) raised in Long Island, during the 1970s. In this production we witness Phillie’s childhood, his experiences and the situations an emerging gay boy-man would encounter. We see his life as a homosexual and the hatred […]

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Wide Awake

Turan Koyuncu reviews Wake Up Little Fag! at the Midtown International Theatre Festival  This very progressive work in the heart of New York introduces us to Jason, a new arrival, wanting to experience a new gay culture, different from where he was from. Jason sufferers from Dissociative Identity or multiple personality disorder. With that in […]

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Muy Bueno

Altonya Longmore reviews DO YOU DREAM IN SPANISH at the Fresh Fruit Festival  Do you Dream in Spanish is based on a gay youth named Roberto who emigrated to New York from Mexico after his mother not only kicked him out for being gay, but worse… taking an interest in theater? He ran away to […]

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Raghs, a rich experience.

Wrda Hussain reviews RAGHS at the Midtown International Theatre Festival Pati Amorosos’ production of Raghs depict a 16-year-old Iranian girl named Serina (Sohailla Mahjour) and her desperation in being with an older Iranian man. The solo-act offered the concept of resentment. Throughout the play, we see Serina’s fixation on her cousin and wanting love from […]

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Strings: Tight & Tense

Review by Ashley khan The power and intensity of Charles Curtis’ riveting piece, Strings, was palpable. The Fresh Fruit Festival – always presenting quantity works, surpassed itself with this play as a choice. Set in a claustrophobic interrogation room, the audience is the people behind the two-way mirror during a harsh face-off between an accused […]

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Turan Koyuncu reviews DIFFICULT TRANSITION At the Midtown International Theatre Festival What does a transgender individual must go through to find love? Verbal abuse? Physical assault? Difficult Transition is more than a play – it’s an experience. It takes the audience through their journey. The ensemble cast was compelling. Keith Edward Maxwell as “the man” […]

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