Foster fosters a powerful musical

The great American musical is an ever-changing entity. The millennium brought a new kind of musical for the new artist – and audience – the Millennial. Historic figures like Hamilton and Harvey Milk are getting their musical moments. The Fresh Fruit Festival will present the new HARVEY MILK musical, HERE TO RECRUIT YOU, as part […]

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Nannette Deasy, the artistic director of the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble attended opening night of Anthony J. Piccione’s semi-autobiographical tale of dealing with mental illness.   A Therapy Session with Myself, currently running monthly at the Kraine Theatre, is a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of one artist’s struggle to move through mental disorder to a better self-understanding […]

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“Tragic” is a Great Event

Review by Michael Edmund Craig Wright’s witty and insightful Recent Tragic Events is currently being revived at Tongue in Cheek Theater Company, which previously produced it in 2009.  Despite the fact that it deals with the day after 9/11, it doesn’t feel remotely dated.  It probes the reactions of five individuals living almost 1000 miles away from New York […]

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The Fringe Play as First Date: A Review of “The Buffalo Play” by Joshua Crone

The Fringe Play as First Date: A Review of “The Buffalo Play” by Joshua Crone Conventional wisdom has it that plays make lousy first dates. You sit beside someone you’ve only just met, avoiding eye contact and conversation–a terrific start! To which I reply: It depends on the play. If it’s as original, thought-provoking, and wildly […]

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Honoring a Hero: Pvt. Wayne Miner

Playwright, Producer, Director, and Scholar, Kenthedo Robinson, presents another riveting work filled with history and inspiration: The Buffalo Hero of World War I: Based on a True Story.  Ignoring his fears and looking death in the face, armed with the light of his mother’s spirit, Wayne Miner entered history at a time when he was not considered […]

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Great Works on Wednesday

Indie Theater is like prospecting. There’s GOLD when you least expect it. Wednesday Repertory Company (WedRepCo) is a New York-based theatre company focused on delivering innovative and impactful performances to their audience. As part of their approach to live theatre, WedRepCo produces several showcases throughout the year. These showcases provide performance opportunities on a regular […]

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