Scratching Out The Future of the Arts

The new arts organization, From Scratch Performance Company, is more than just another theatrical company. it is a working body of art. It’s repertory holds many actors, singers, dancers, but also those that help them act, sing, and dance. Their new artistic director is a playwright, for instance. Robert Liebowitz is a 40-year veteran of independent […]

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Philosophizing with Topher Wallace

A featured event for the 10th anniversary THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY DREAM UP FESTIVAL 2019 is Abdication! Filled with gallows-humor, song, dance, and multi-media, the show is a triumvirate of short plays episode shows how abdication of a portion of human existence pulls a piece out of the house of cards that we call our lives. […]

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Looking [at] “BACK”

“Back” at Teatro SEA reviewed by ANTHONY J. PICCIONE When its summer in New York City, it typically means only one thing in the world of independent theatre: festival season! With more and more indie theatre festivals either restructuring or disappearing altogether, the landscape of opportunities for new playwrights on the festival circuit is ever […]

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