A rousing Two Gents

Review by Altonya Longmore Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona is a clever rom-com about the grass being greener – or at least about other girls being lovelier. As with all of the Bard’s work, clever word-play and plot twists send us in varied directions only to circle back for a fine finish. Michael Hagins’ production […]

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Energetic Energy Tale

An Energy tale is a sci-fi play. It explains the damages we’ve caused to the world and what we could’ve done (instead to help). We are then brought to the future. A little girl named Sally is left to play with nothing but rocks. her new Whovian style friend, Dr. Science, than comes to her to show her […]

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100% 70s

Ashley Khan reviews THE SANDMAN Lynn Navarra has given us a play filled with secrets. The Sandman, a bar in the crime-covered 70s, has hidden cocaine stashes, moonlighting cops (that’s bad) who discover this (that’s good). We meet the Irish Mafia, an actress in the last act of her life, and all the characters that […]

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The Bliss is Ours

Review by Ashley Khan Here’s the story of farm-girl Emma (played masterfully by Yarina Gurtner). Loves animals and runaway criminals with terminal diseases. Here is where Claudia Schreiber’s stunning play gets even more stunning. When on imagines the ultimate test of love, euthanasia can secure itself on the topic of any list. Gurtner bathes her […]

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